source: Molina 2018 rate filings

Hidden under the radar is the so-called “federally prescribed” extreme premium rate hike for all children under the age of 21, which historically have been 63.5% of the adult base rate.

In 2018, a child’s rate will go up 20% for all children under the age of 15. Children 15 to 20 years old will experience a 30% to 53% rate increase.

Starting in 2018, in Ohio and in most states, but not in New York and perhaps a few other civilized states that do not allow it, the ACA approved rates in the individual and small group marketplace for all children 0-14 will be 76.5% of the adult rate, with ages 15 to 20 ranging from 83.3% to 97% of age 21, where the age factor remains at 100% for four years.

This child-persecuting rate increase, raising the cost of healthcare for an entire generation of Americans born after 1996, helpless minors no less, is just one factor in the huge health insurance rate increase to cover this demographic in 2018, before other rate hikes will be applied, justified in their rate justification memorandums to make up for “uncertainty” and “fear” and what about getting paid for CSRs, not to mention the annual runaway 7% medical and pharmaceutical inflation robbery, not to mention the resumption of the ACA Exchange Tax, and higher administration costs, that obviously go along with all of this!



for comparison, here's Molina's 2016 age curve calibration, with membership percentages

Ohio Citizen Rate Review is a civic duty art experiment created by Penny Gentieu, who has been buying individual health insurance for 30 years and is fed up with outrageous price increases and the diminishing quality and inadequacies of provider networks available to individuals, effectively withholding healthcare access while robbing us blind.

The individual market may be just 6% of the U.S. population, but it should not have to participate in a 30-year long experiment to see if the individual insurance market, with all the greedy for-profit insurance companies will ever stabilize. We may be dead by then.

we want to live!