Complaint No. CSD0039402 CareSource provider network

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Here’s my public complaint to the Ohio Department of Insurance about CareSource’s inaccurate provider network directory:

Complaint No. CSD0039402, filed online on April 18, 2016.

SUMMARY: CareSource’s “Just 4 Me” published online provider list is highly inaccurate. 96% of the 52 ProMedica internal medicine and family practice primary care doctors on their list for zip code 43615, 15 mile radius, listed as accepting new patients are actually NOT accepting new patients. I informed CareSource about this discrepancy in November, 2015, and I gave them a detailed list (including one doctor who is retired) and still they have not corrected it.

I expect the Ohio Department of Insurance to investigate this fraud and correct it.

See, here, my December 2015 post about this experience.

See here, my struggle to obtain public records from the Ohio Department of Insurance regarding provider networks.

Should the public be allowed to know about public complaints like this one?

Yes, of course the public should be allowed to know, but if you try to find out, you’ll be going down the rabbit hole.

See more here.

See the end result of complaints like this here.

One thought on “Complaint No. CSD0039402 CareSource provider network

  1. So feb up with caresource , today beat all calling to see how many visits for chiro care , im handicap . need these treatments she says , u dont remember treated me like ignorant , actually it was what i thought i was only confirming it . she went on and on about stuff that did not make sense . she was a black woman , nasty 4/12/.17 this has happened to me several times asking gen questions . i hate caresource and this state weird laws for ppl.

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