I’m voting yes

Donatello’s David. David took on Goliath and won! Imagine that!
Ohio has a rare opportunity to lower drug prices this November.

I’m voting Yes on Issue 2, even after seeing all the “No” ads that the drug companies run warning of dire consequences if we dare to demand that we should pay the same for drugs that the Veterans Administration pays.

TV commercial after TV commercial scaring us of excessive legal bills. As if, if the bill passes, the state of Ohio could be bought by PhRMA, since if the law does pass, PhRMA will surely be waging war. As if the voters who passed the law should have no rights in the legal defense of the law. Implying that the state of Ohio will just buckle-in to the big bully’s demands, and the citizens of Ohio dare not have a say-so.

As if drug companies can hold our health hostage and demand outrageous ransoms. As if big PhRMA and big pharma can get away with paying off all of our patient advocacy groups like NAMI, that gets 75% of its funding from pharmaceutical companies, and all of Washington DC. As if pharmaceutical companies can charge ten times more for drugs in the United States than Europeans pay, and Americans aren’t allowed to negotiate. If that is truly so, then only the richest people will ultimately be able to pay, and the rest of us will be out of luck. We aren’t really going let that happen, are we?

Regardless of all that pressure from drug companies and deceptive TV ads that bleed money – confusing ads that indoctrinate us to hate and fill our hearts with prejudice, dread and fear, keeping us down like spineless little mice – an industry that pollutes our communities with their opioids and got Congress to pass a law to ease up on the DEA investigations of how they do it — I’m still voting yes, because voting yes is the only way to get them to stop killing us.

With money to burn, drug companies dominate our nightly dinnertime news hour with ads for very expensive drugs that hardly anyone needs and few can afford. As if we don’t have doctors. Since when do drug companies prescribe the drugs? 

Having to pay multiple times the price people pay in Europe for the same prescription drugs is a shameful social travesty and a betrayal of public trust. Yet we’ve been standing aside while they make huge profits and waste our healthcare dollars. 

I’m voting Yes on Issue 2, to start the revolution. Taxpayers can save an estimated $400 million per year on state-bought drugs alone. The state of Ohio is a huge pharmaceutical buyer and we deserve the same lower price that the Veterans Administration pays.

If Issue 2 wins, then other states will follow suit, insurers will demand the same price, and we will be shaving billions of dollars off of the unsustainably high cost of healthcare in this country today.

But what I look forward to most of all, is the drying up of the huge pharmaceutical lobby pool, when they don’t have so much money to splash around.

Wouldn’t it be great if We The People could get our elected representatives back?

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