Medicare for All NOW!

Click on this image to see the Kaiser Foundation’s Interactive Map of Tax Credits under the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act, sure to make you very sick when you see what our House of Representatives has been up to in the past two months.

My call to Rep. Latta and follow-up letter on March 7.  Please call too — 202-225-6405

Dear Representative Latta,

How is it right that this country further discriminates against certain groups of Americans when it comes to healthcare?

Why aren’t you addressing the real problem which is the amount of money we spend on healthcare and the rate in which it’s going up each year, at an unsustainable rate which has grown to be 18% of the GNP and is actually estimated to be 30% in 2040?

Why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to price-fix generic drugs to jack up prices by 8,000%?  Why are they granted orphan status which permits extremely high prices on mainstream popular drugs like Abilify, Crestor, and Humira, the best-selling medicine in the world?

What about all the hospital mergers, and the secret prices with no transparency, and the double-digit premium price hikes? What about the skinny provider networks with 80% inaccuracies? What about families plagued with medical bankruptcies?

Since everybody needs healthcare at one time or another, why don’t you treat it like a utility that we all need that is publicly regulated, or like the fire department that is paid-for through taxes?

Instead, the House of Representatives does nothing to address any of these problems. You come out with this extremely regressive, insulting, age-discriminating bandaid to the current Affordable Care Act and call it the American Health Care Act.

Under this law, is it fair that people in their fifties and sixties will be paying five times more than others?  Do you think we really have the money to pay that, when health insurance has already gone up for us 350% in the past ten years?

When the median family income in Lucas County is $41,777, how can you think it’s okay for health insurance to cost $25,000?  Or do you think that healthcare is something only for the rich? Of course the average family can’t afford it. So what do you do but take the subsidies that were income based, and you make them age based, across the board, to everyone regardless of their wealth, to continue this medical industry corporate welfare.

Don’t you think that the underlying costs that make health insurance so expensive should be put in check? Have you considered that the high administration costs, adding up to be at least 30% of our total healthcare costs, could be kept down to 5% if we didn’t have hundreds of insurance companies trying to manage our healthcare, instead of just one manager, such as Medicare?

Do you really think that in 2017, Americans do not deserve healthcare? All Americans deserve affordable healthcare, and it will be affordable when people are put first, before special interests. We demand Medicare for ALL.


Penny Gentieu