Insurance Reform


The Ohio Department of Insurance grants insurers huge rate increases on our premiums year after year.  We, the citizens of Ohio, have no input in the matter, but we are supposed to, because we are an “effective rate review” state.

I asked for 2017 rate filings, twice. This is the Ohio Department of Insurance’s reply:

Buckeye and CareSource are HIC's, and their filings are not public until approved. MMO sells Certified Off-Exchange dental, they  do not offer a product on the Exchange.
Please be advised that filings submitted for the year 2017 are not public until the date they are approved.

But that is not the truth! Buckeye and CareSource and Medical Mutual all sell plans on the Exchange, and the rules say, the insurance companies have to post their rate filings for the public to see. It’s called, Effective Rate Review.

Ohioans were promised transparency with the ACA to help get the unsustainable rate increases under control. 250 million dollars in grants were given to the states by the CMS, for the express purpose of setting up Effective Rate Review. Ohio took five million.

In June 2016, the CMS released another $22 million for state insurance departments to apply to “effective rate review,” so Ohio has some more money to make it happen.

But Ohio has done nothing in the past five rate-raising years to enable the intended transparency of the rate review process and open discussion public hearings.

 Where’s the money?

Money the CMS gave to Ohio for Effective Rate Review.

  • Money for a citizen rate review website.
  • Money so we can hire independent actuaries to review the filings.
  • Money to investigate provider networks.
  • Money for rate review public hearings so We the People can voice our concerns.
  • Money to create transparency at Ohio Department of Insurance, with a website that serves the citizens of Ohio.
  • Money for a searchable database of health insurance complaints on the Ohio Department of Insurance’s website.

We want the CMS money to be used as it was intended, to make it better in Ohio, because they are doing it quite well in other states.