R.I.P. American Dream.  If you are an artist, writer, musician, inventor, entrepreneur, shop owner, lawyer, plumber, carpenter, waitress, or any number of hard working workers with jobs that don’t provide large group employer-based health insurance, quit right now and run for cover! It’s survival time! This year, thanks to the uncertainties, the calculated congressional and presidential threats, and the other garbage that politicians have thrown at us all year long, health insurance premiums are 42% higher for adults, and 60% to 85% higher for the kids. Even newborn babies are being welcomed to the world by a big, double-digit rate hike. Surprise!

Furthermore, while prices have risen 500% in the past five years for individuals, national network PPOs have been eliminated for individuals. Individuals are left with Medicaid-like health maintenance organizations, which are considerably less health insurance than the PPO plans that Ohio got rid of last year. I’m sorry for the artists, writers, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, shop owners, etc. Did you ever think that having health insurance would be such a huge obstacle in your quest for success?

R.I.P. PPOs., the last bastion of equal healthcare along side the big corporation counterparts. It isn’t fair.

How big is the price of healthcare? SO BIG!

©2017 Penny Gentieu