Senator Carper, Ask Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor This

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Dear Senator Carper, I live in Ohio, where we have major lack-of-transparency problems with the Ohio Department of Insurance. Since our Lt. Governor and director of the insurance department, Mary Taylor is testifying today on the state of health insurance, could you please ask her a question for me: Why does her department allow insurers to maintain provider network directories with an average of 80% inaccuracies? What does she do to insurers with unacceptable inaccuracies in their network directories? Will she enforce any emergency regulations to correct the provider network directory problem before Open Enrollment begins in November?  Thanks.    Email to Governor’s Office of Health Transformation   LETTERS TO INSURERS

cropped-Guernica_CMYK-2.jpg article on Senate Hearing:

 Republicans want change in Obamacare: Rates rising, insurers leaving, they say.

Mary Taylor said, “hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies being spent across the country are taxpayer dollars,” but she does nothing to insure that provider networks are adequate.

She talked about rates going up, but she lets every requested rate hike go through, in secret, without any public hearings, and frankly the lack of transparency in her department is appalling.

Will Mary Taylor enforce any emergency regulations to correct the provider network directory problem before Open Enrollment begins in November?

I made complaints to the Ohio Department of Insurance about extremely inaccurate provider network directories, but after reading this article, I realize that Mary Taylor is too busy with her personal political “ACA agenda” to fix the problems Ohioans are facing by her not fixing the extremely inaccurate, and therefore inadequate provider networks, and directories.

People who have to buy health insurance can’t find a doctor.

Hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money — I say the same thing — it’s a lot of money — why is Mary Taylor squandering it away? Why is she so opposed to the reality of Ohioans having to buy healthcare — and most people need a tax credit because she has let the costs go sky high — why is she really wanting all this money, taxpayer money — and money that is the biggest household monthly budgeted expense for most families — to be wasted?

Mary Taylor is giving us only one in five odds that we will be able to get healthcare after buying health insurance in Lucas County, and no doubt, all over Ohio. Ohio has legalized gambling, but not this kind of gambling. And all the winnings are rigged.

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