Stealing our healthcare dollars!

©Penny Gentieu

I’ve been the victim of a 373% increase in the price of my Medical Mutual health insurance plan since 2009.  WHY!

Ohio is ranked the worst of all the states in the Union for having the highest health insurance premiums after tax credit. WHY!

The gatekeeper for controlling insurance companies’ rate increases is the Ohio Department of Insurance, which is headed up by Ohio’s Lt. Governor, Mary Taylor. Of course you would think that the Ohio Department of Insurance would have the interest of the people of Ohio put first over the interests of the health insurance corporations. You would be so wrong!

Why does Ohio approve each and every health insurance company rate increase and in some cases even grant them bigger increases than they have asked for? Let’s follow the money.

The former Ohio Department of Insurance director, Mary Jo Hudson, is a lawyer who came from a law firm representing insurers. In 2011 she went back to the same law firm. Well well well…

The current Ohio director, Mary Taylor, has a mission to make Ohio one of this country’s biggest employers of insurance workers. This is paid for on the backs of hard-working Ohioans through back-breaking insurance increases. The healthcare industry grows and grows, making the corporations richer and richer and we the people are left paying the bills. Why don’t we make jobs for people in Ohio that actually make something, instead of hoping for more and more people to get sick in Ohio? We are already sick of paying the outrageous health insurance increases!

©Penny Gentieu

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