Trump’s Dying in the Streets Congressional Act of Cruelty

Royal turkeys in action, setting us back 200 years

Promised a magnificent healthcare system!

Promised a fix!

We buy plans but can’t find doctors!

Ignoring inadequate provider networks with 90% inaccuracies!

Complicit with state insurance regulators!

Prices more than doubled in three years, and will rise for three more years!

Instability, uncertainty, sabotage, destroying our healthcare on purpose!

Medicaid insurers taking over the individual market, at rip-off rates!

Healthcare ripped away from 22 million people, 850,000 Ohioans!

Block grants to criminal states with turkey insurance departments!

Eliminating Medicaid expansion and punishing the poor!

Over 50, put out to pasture!

Discriminatory, prejudicial!

Unethical! Uncivilized! Cruel!


215,000 of Ohio’s 715,000 adults receiving Medicaid through the ACA’s Medicaid expansion are being treated for opioid addiction!

The Ohio Department of Insurance’s director Mary Taylor made a public announcement this month that both her young sons have suffered from opioid addiction. But during all those years that her sons suffered from opioid addiction, she had allowed insurance to be sold with 90% inaccuracies, denying crucial healthcare to Ohioans who bought individual health insurance plans, who could have needed treatment for opioid addiction.

The irony!

Ohio Senator Rob Portman lobbies for opioid addiction treatment, but ignores the crime of health insurance being sold with inadequate and 90% inaccurate provider networks, denying healthcare to those who buy it, including those who need opioid addiction treatment.

The hypocrisy!

Medicaid block grants going to states, where fools like Mary Taylor, who is running for governor, would have complete control of the money and complete control of Ohioans’ access to healthcare, is dumb, dumb, dumb!


Dayton Daily News

Kasich initiated an expansion of Medicaid, made possible by Obamacare, and has been accepting federal funds to serve an additional 715,000 low-income Ohioans, including roughly 215,000 with drug abuse and addiction issues.

“Right now, Obamacare, including Medicaid, is not sustainable,” Taylor said. “So, the ball is in the court of Washington now. They have to figure out what they’re going to do going forward with regard to any provisions related to Obamacare.”

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor opens up about her sons’ opioid addictions, Dayton Daily News

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